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Family lineage
An influence from a very young age on Michael's skill as a hand reader was his mother and grandmother. Both had a profound effect on his early development. Michael's family originate from Ireland, a country steeped in ancient mythology. Read Michael's Interview
Michael's Mother's Card Both Michael's mother and grandmother taught him the principles of palmistry and the skills of card reading from a young age . Today after many decades of learning, Michael believes the most precious legacy he inherited from his mother was this gift.
Mother's Cards
Michael's Grandmother's Crystal As a young man he gave readings for friends and acquaintances, and embarked on a long period of study in various spiritual disciplines to refine and develop his spiritual awareness, sensitivity and knowledge.

He has been working regularly as a clairvoyant for more than 30 years.

Grandmother's Crystal
Michael throughout his professional career has given thousands of readings. People who sought advice and guidance from Michael believe he had such a deep understanding of their fears that they have written numerous thank-you letters.
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Thank you Notes    
Journey of Life
The Journey of Life One of the most frequent questions asked of Michael by clients is how do you do it? The simple answer is Michael does not know. This short movie illustrates the various stages of a person's Journey of Life. It will also show how Michael can help you change and improve.
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The Journey begins  
Family background
Michael was born in 1945 to Irish parents. He is married and has four grown up children and lives in an East Midlands city in central England.
Personal message from Michael
Below is a personal message from Michael. Please watch the presentation it may alter your life.
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