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Much love and happiness to all sentient beings,

Warm Wishes



Messages from behind the veil       20th JANUARY 20011


PS this is a message for Amy  In Manhattan  New York 19 JANUARY 20011

Paul wishes you well in your new love. Dying is not the end, stopping loving is real death,

Your emerald earrings are at your sister Marie's, house wear them at your engagement party.

AND DONT LOOK BACK,    love Paul

For John in Wellington NZ  28th DECEMBER 2010

   Murray gently asks let us let go, Its time to repaint the room and clear the cupboards she says you need a date with spring.  Only you will understand seven years is enough .


25th NOVEMBER L 2010

Avis in London .

Charles sends his love and asks you to start singing again it always made him so happy. Get rid of those candle sticks in the back bedroom you do not need them any more.

Send Paris my love we had a great journey together.




 3rd   SEPTEMBER 2010

For IRENE MULLEN in Cork Ireland

Your mother Nancy caught the bus home because she missed her husband JOHN, your daddy so much. Say a little prayer next time you are by the river and get on with Your life, and stop driving your husband Tom mad,  bring the girls up to GALWAY to see the grave don't be afraid all is well


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