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An interview with Michael Joseph - December 2003
Have any other family members received this gift?
Yes – my late mother was a very gifted and well-known seer, Margaret Mary O'Lone. Some older clients may remember her from the 1950's. She was very wise and skilled in the old ways, bringing light and healing from the heart of nature to the hearts of the sick, in body and soul. She followed her own mother's teachings of quiet humility, never wishing to show off or try to impress.

Michael – can you communicate with people who have passed over?

This has never been my talent. I have my own thoughts on life after death and my skills, such as they are, are for the ‘here and now'. But remember – no one ever leaves us – they remain always a jewel in our heart.

How can you be so accurate with someone you have never met?

It is not always possible for clients to visit me personally, but with little basic information I can ‘feel' the way through. (Michael laughed) I have my ways!

You choose to use Psycards not the Tarot. Why is this?

The first time I used them I knew they were right for me. They have an honesty within them, which cannot be obscured by ‘mumbo jumbo'. They are not for the fainthearted; they will reflect the truth back to you without exception. Psycards are based on the belief that each one of us has a large measure of control over our future lives and happiness. ‘Only the vessel is dusty, never the water.'

Can you tell us a bit more about the cards, and why they are so revealing.

Michael picked up the cards, spread them out and then went on to outline the outer and inner message the cards reveal. He explained that the Psycard pack consists of 40 cards split into groups or families, with each card having its own individual symbol and meaning but also a special relationship with each of the other cards. Each person's choice is theirs and theirs alone. Simple and powerful, they never over-ride free will but will reveal choices available which are often hidden in times of confusion, anxiety, or stress.

I have so many questions to ask you, Michael, but time is running out. How would you describe your work over the last thirty years?

At any time in our lives, we arrive at crossroads where choices and decisions need to be made. The way forward is not always clear. I recognise that I did not choose this work; my family history and skills lives within me. It is my duty to make this my life's journey, and to make this available to all who can benefit from it. Whoever we are, whatever our age, culture, status, we are all human beings, sharing the journey towards happiness and fulfilment.

I know your time is valuable, Michael but one last question (as we were talking, people were arriving for consultations, and Michael's office was buzzing with new people.). What is my journey here?
Michael looked at me with his remarkable gaze. He seemed to travel beyond what he saw, as if he could read my heart. He shook my hand and quietly said, ‘To be happy, to fulfil your potential, to fulfil your life. That is your true journey. If I can be one grain of sand in that journey then let it be. Now, go in peace and stay forever young.'
I got up to leave and thanked Michael for his time. He smiled and wished me well. Later in the day, I reflected on our meeting. Somehow I felt different, calmer, and a quiet peace had entered into my day. I felt I'd made a friend
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