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Hello to you all



The days move forward towards the magic of  SPRING that mysterious season that links the past of the Summer days to the  wonders of the Winter when the earth sleeps , with its bright stars and magnificent moons .reflecting on the time that has gone and looking forward to the season of  light .

.How lucky we are to live in a world so  varied and blessed with the changes that miraculously flow from one to another without us mortals interfering. And yet we do meddle, uncaring  to amass more and more of that which we have to leave behind when we cross the great ocean of time to our second state of being laughingly called dying.

.But the time of SPRING is a reminder that the passing of one season is followed by another equal in its beauty. A time of  rebirth   from the Old Year   to the new season of life .The living proof that life continues, as it changes from that which was, to that which will be with the coming the spring the time of rebirth.For you and me and every living plant and tree that shares our world


 ( All Strength to HH The DALI LAMA

)Remember him in your Prayers  The Awaking of the spirit is all one needs,When times are difficult ,Don't be so proud as to ask  you are asking only of your self .

As always Love and Peace






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